when you want to transfer your photos from your phone to laptop and you see all the selfies you made….


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this is the greatest literary work I have come across thus far in my 29 years. this is for every single one of us. the lonely. the downtrodden. the powerful. the religious. the meaning of life. its so simple. everyone wants to know what it is, and its so simple. this explains everything. dreams. rainbows. government conspiracies. why everyone wants to be a rapper. what happens to us when we die. the dangers of nuclear weapons. aliens. Nikola Tesla. tarot cards. magic. Jesus’ real name and how he was created. how the pyramids were built from the top down. food in heaven. Atlantis. UFO’s. chakras.  why we are being taught to be afraid of all of these things instead of embracing them! its like a real question and answer session with God, except instead of blubbering like fools, having a really excellent set of questions. please, i beg of you, check this out, just for a second! we have all been doing it wrong this whole time! because we all know that deep down we just want to be naked, eat, sleep and fuck and be outside in nice weather and other cool shit, and it is totally possible! 

because what if we ‘work’ in these bodies and every night while we sleep our spirit gets off work and gets to leave this shitty heavy earth body and be spirits for a few seconds or hours which is like days in space/time and we all play together because we are all one tiny piece of the creator and  we know it until we ‘wake up’ but in actuality being awake on earth is being asleep if you are a sheep. don’t be a sheep. read a book. and use a dictionary.

and if you won’t read then just check these videos out you lazy fucker! I love you!

change your mind and change the world!